You Drop it. We Sell it. You Get Paid.

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Whether you are settling an estate, moving into a smaller home, having to place a family member in assisted living, or just wanting to simplify your lifestyle, the liquidation of household items can be both frustrating and time consuming. drop2sellit provides its clients with a worry-free and quick solution to this and other difficult situations. 

A house full of stuff and everything – including the house – has to go. As the years pass by, we all tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. Just the thought of trying to sort through that all at once is enough to cause nightmares.

We have over a decade of experience working with bereaved families, as well as families who have simply decided that it's time to rid themselves of the accumulated clutter of years of living in the same place.

Estate & Garage Sales

We recommend having a Conducted Estate or Garage Sale if the volume and value of the contents are great enough to warrant one. We take care of all aspects of an the sale, including the merchandising, pricing and advertising and securing the permit . We handle the bookkeeping, maintain the safety and security of the merchandise, and our friendly staff provides great customer service.

We protect the interests of our clients, and have worked hard to develop a reputation for running fair and efficient sales. Our prices reflect today’s market with the focus on generating sales, not disappointment. Our experience in the antique and vintage marketplace, plus our ability to research market values on specific high-demand pieces, results in our ability to reach our goal for an estate sale – to empty the house/garage while generating proceeds for the client.

We will do an estate content analysis for you at no charge. Contact us for further information.

Buying & Selling Items

We love to buy treasures! If you don’t have a houseful, but have some items you would like us to consider, we’ll be happy to assess their value, and make an offer if they have resale value. CONTACT US to tell us about what you have, and we’ll be happy to consider your items. Whether it’s a single piece, a full or partial collection, or obsolete inventory — let us know about it!